Nomination Committee

Arctic Minerals AB’s Nomination Committee.

Arctic Minerals AB’s nomination committee has been appointed by the company’s two largest shareholders:

  • Solveig Staffas by Longbow Resources Ltd
  • Carl-Gustaf von Troil by Markus Elsasser

These two have, in turn, appointed two more to the Nomination Committee:

  • Krister Söderholm
  • Jan Lindahl

Solveig Staffas announced on March 21, 2019, to Longbow Resources Ltd that she resign as a member of the Nomination Committee. Longbow Resources has announced that it does not wish to appoint a new member, and the nomination committee can continue its task with the remaining members.

Shareholders may submit proposals to the Nomination Committee for examination before the Annual General Meeting 2019.

For contact with the nomination committee please contact Carl-Gustaf von Troil: